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GPM Entertainment Television is a part of «Gazprom-Media» holding. It is Russia’s entertainment television market leader. The entertainment TV side of the group includes such well-known channels as TNT, TV-3, «Friday!», TNT4, 2x2, «Super», and group of sport channels united by Match TV brand. The group also owns two production companies: Comedy Club Production and Good Story Media and three film studios: «Studio Friday!», «Animation Studio 2x2» and «123 Production». This allows us to control the entire process, from creating the idea for a show to filming and distributing it. Because of this, we are able to produce shows that cover a wide variety of subjects and genres, helping us to meet the demands and interests of a large and diversified audience. In addition, our ability to produce what we want, when we want, allows us to not only keep our viewership stable but to dynamically expand it. GPM ETV offers viewers unique TV show formats that cover a wide range of genres, from modern dramas and comedies to animation and travel shows. All of which are developed by the brightest and most experienced creative teams in the industry.

TNT Broadcasting Network is Russia’s leading entertainment TV channel. It is also #1 among the young audience. What has made the TV channel so successful? It’s the programming, which is made up of comedy shows and series, reality shows and talent competitions, as well as a wide variety of other types of unique entertainment programs.
In 2017, TNT achieved a 10.8% annual share and became the #1 TV channel in the 14-44 demographic. Its shows and original series are equally popular both on air and online, with the overall number of subscribers on TNT’s social media groups reaching well over 37 million people.
In autumn 2017, TNT Broadcasting Network decided to stop importing content and replace it with its own original comedy series and entertainment shows. This led to TNT’s most ambitious television season in its entire history: 17 new premieres of original content that went on to become the market’s timeslot leaders. In addition, TNT also became the first TV channel in Russia to sell advertising space based on the Big TV Rating project.     
For 2018, TNT is offering its viewers an entirely new lineup of comedy series and entertainment shows. One of them is SONGS, a one-of-a-kind talent competition that is expected to become the biggest and most ambitious event to ever take place on Russian television. The show stars two of Russia’s most powerful music producers, Timati and Maxim Fadeev, who will turn aspiring singers into global superstars. The winner of the show will receive 5 million rubles and will sign contracts with well-established record labels. Besides, TNT is launching a new stand-up comedy show starring a popular comedian Ruslan Bely - COMEDIAN IN TOWN, as well such comedy series as THE HORSEBACK POLICE, DEPT. OF EDUCATION and THE TERRITORY.   
In addition to all the new and exciting shows that TNT will be offering in 2018, it will still keep producing its trademark hit shows and series, like BATTLE OF THE PSYCHICS, DANCE-OFF, THE BACHELOR, DOM-2, COMEDY CLUB, COMEDY WOMAN, STAND UP, COMEDY BATTLE, OPEN MIC, OLGA, THE REAL DUDES, THE DORM, THE ISLAND, THE STREET, and V.I.P. COP. 


TV-3 is a top ten Russian national television channel and part of Gazprom Media, Russia's largest media group. Every week, 27 million viewers watch our channel in 7,748 Russian cities, towns and villages.

TV-3 broadcasts TV series, studio-produced shows, and feature films, specializing in the adventure, fantasy, and supernatural genres. Our mission is to offer our viewers an unforgettable experience and to expand their knowledge of the world around them. That's why our motto is “Everything but ordinary.” It’s no surprise that TV-3 attracts more young viewers aged 14–24, an age group that generally doesn’t watch TV, than any other Russian channel.


TV-3 produced Gogol, the first TV series in the world to be widely released in movie theaters. The Gogol trilogy set several box office records in Russia, and was awarded a number of prestigious international and national prizes. These include the Association of Television and Film Producers (APKIT) special award for “Achievements in the release of a TV series”, the Audience Award at the Biografilm Festival in Italy, the award for “Best Feature Film – Foreign” at the Indie Gathering International Film Festival in the USA, the Award of Excellence at the Accolade Global Film Competition in the USA, and the Global Music Award for Best Soundtrack.
The dystopian fantasy series Chernobyl 2. Exclusion Zone, created by TV-3, was the first Russian TV series to be filmed in the USA and involve Hollywood stars. It received high TV ratings and became the most-watched Russian TV series online in 2017.

Starting in fall 2018, TV-3’s new prime-time PREMIUM series line-up will present original drama series featuring the best Russian directors and actors. These will include  Roman Prygunov’s Slavic noir series The Dead Lake, Egor Baranov’s ambitious dystopian series The Outpost, and other exceptional projects.


Friday! is an entertainment channel, oriented at people in the 14-44 category. It held a 2.7% share of this audience in 2015, according to TNS Russia. The channel's technical coverage reaches 86.3% of the Russian population and its signal is available in 7,760 settlements.

The channel's viewers enjoy reality shows, cooking, shopping, fashion, movies, adventure and travel. Its programming also makes Friday! uniquely positioned to reach people who are increasingly turning away from traditional television to online entertainment. One of the biggest successes for Friday! was the launch of the travel show Oryol y Reshka (Heads or Tails). The show became a hit with the viewers and broke many stereotypes about traditional travel programs. Friday! also supports television genres that address the concerns of contemporary society, as represented by the inspection show Revizorro.

Friday! is a young channel, which started broadcasting in summer 2013. In this short period, the channel's projects have attracted a loyal audience while its viewership numbers indicate at a stable growth. The channel's successful first year of broadcasting was recognized with a TEFI national award..

For over 10 years 2x2 TV channel has been the only federal animation channel targeted for 14-44 male audience. We have almost 200 various animation series, TV shows and full-length movies from around the world in our catalogue.

2x2 launched its own Animation studio in the autumn 2016. 2x2 Animation Studio produces Suspicious Owl, Kid Stupid Show, Beware Earth! on weekly basis.

Additionally 2x2 has other self-produced shows such as:

Immortal Movie, review of movies

Watching, review of TV series

Level Up Show, review of video games

As well as Simpsons, The Family Guy, South Park and life action series, Fargo, Friends, The last men on Earth and many others.

All the content on 2x2 is united by sarcasm and irony.

Turn off brain, turn on 2x2. 

In January 2016, TNT4 TV channel was launched. From the beginning the channel’s focus was on appealing to the 14-44 demo and more specifically young adults in the 25-44 demo. Over the past two years, this strategy has paid off well for the channel as it has seen a 200% increase in its key demographic. As of today, TNT4 broadcasts across four time zones and is watched by over 90 million people.

TNT4 has become the go-to channel to put you in a good mood. The channel features the best shows from two of Russia’s largest production companies, Comedy Club Production and Good Story Media. These include Comedy Club, Comedy Woman, Our Russia, The Dorm and Happy Together. TNT4 doesn’t just air premium content, it does it in a new, unique and exciting way. For example, The Swoosh is a montage of the comedy shows’ funniest moments, while the Golden Collection showcases a particular comedian or comedic duo.

In 2017 the channel launched a new comedy show called Cash or Crash, which is produced by Comedy Club Production. In January 2018, TNT4 premiered the 2nd season of the show. Cash or Crash episodes have demonstrated excellent ratings not only on linear TV, but also on the Internet, where the show has gathered over 30 million views. For the 2018-2019 lineup, get ready for some serious laughs, as TNT4 has a few surprises in store with premieres of the channel’s own original comedy shows.

Super – a feel-good channel with romantic comedies for the whole family The nationwide entertainment channel Super first began broadcasting on January 1, 2018. A part of Gazprom Media, Super focuses on a target audience of 14- to 44-year-olds, and chiefly young families with children. Super is a feel-good channel with romantic comedies for the whole family. Our core content is made up of top series from Russia and abroad, as well as movies from leading studios, cartoons, and comedy shows.

In its first two years, Super will entertain viewers with no fewer than 20 of its very own premieres. The channel’s exclusive content is provided by the team at Yellow, Black & White studio, which is widely known for its hit series and movies for family viewing. Among the upcoming premieres on Super are single camera comedy series Fitness and Ms. Sweet; sports comedy drama Offside, as well as a slate of unscripted shows, including The Best Cook, Funny Times, and much more to come.

The channel is broadcast across four time zones. Super is available throughout Russia via terrestrial, analogue, and satellite TV, and is also included in the basic packages offered by the nation’s major pay TV providers.