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TV-3 presents

TV-3 presents "ABC of health with Gennady Malakhov"

Recipes of youth and beauty from "A" to "Z".

Each of us wants to be not only physically healthy, but also beautiful, enlightened, slender and successful! How can we live efficiently and solve a huge number of daily tasks? "Yoga", "Pilates" – these words have already entered the vocabulary of people leading a healthy lifestyle. And "face fitness", "bodyflex", "oxysize", "neuroplasticity" – have you heard of it? On September 24 in a new morning show TV-3 presents "ABC of health with Gennady Malakhov" – the best traditional and super-modern techniques. "ABC of health" will help you feel great in the morning, afternoon and evening, and to cope with stress and depression that have plagued not only residents of big cities.

 "ABC of health" is an informative and entertaining program about healthy habits, in which the flamboyant broadcaster and writer Gennady Petrovich Malakhov gives practical advice about what is "good" and what is "bad" in relation to the body. And his co-host Marina Korpan tries to bridle her partner and put in a word about the most modern trends in medicine.


 "People often hope for medicine, pills, doctors. It's not right! The main hope should be for oneself, for one’s own body. You have to strengthen, to support, to look after it, not to wear it out... In the program "ABC of health" I will try, along with my lovely co-host Marina Korpan and different experts, to educate the viewer," – says Gennady Malakhov.