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In January 2016, TNT4 TV channel was launched. From the beginning the channel’s focus was on appealing to the 14-44 demo and more specifically young adults in the 25-44 demo. Over the past two years, this strategy has paid off well for the channel as it has seen a 200% increase in its key demographic. As of today, TNT4 broadcasts across four time zones and is watched by over 90 million people.

TNT4 has become the go-to channel to put you in a good mood. The channel features the best shows from two of Russia’s largest production companies, Comedy Club Production and Good Story Media. These include Comedy Club, Comedy Woman, Our Russia, The Dorm and Happy Together. TNT4 doesn’t just air premium content, it does it in a new, unique and exciting way. For example, The Swoosh is a montage of the comedy shows’ funniest moments, while the Golden Collection showcases a particular comedian or comedic duo.
In 2017 the channel launched a new comedy show called Cash or Crash, which is produced by Comedy Club Production. In January 2018, TNT4 premiered the 2nd season of the show. Cash or Crash episodes have demonstrated excellent ratings not only on linear TV, but also on the Internet, where the show has gathered over 30 million views. For the 2018-2019 lineup, get ready for some serious laughs, as TNT4 has a few surprises in store with premieres of the channel’s own original comedy shows.