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Law of the Concrete Jungle


Law of the Concrete Jungle
45 min.
1 season: 8 episodes
2 season: 8 episodes
LCJ hit more than 35 million views online, as well as got more than 500 thousand subscribers of its official groups in social media
Aristarckh Venes, Nikita Pavlenko, Igor' Ogurtsov, Aleksandr Melnikov, Daniil Vakhrushev, Vladimir Sychev, Aleksandr Petrov, Elizaveta Kononova, Darya Rudenok and others.
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A unique mixture of black comedy, coming-of-age movie, gangster film and comic book with an average prime time share of 24.6% (18-30 demo).

This is a story of a modern day Boyz’N’Da Hood. Tim, Zhuk, Gosha and Tsypa are four teenagers growing up in the same big city neighborhood. Tim is the son of rich parents who wants nothing to do with them or their money. He is a smart and adventurous adrenaline junkie who easily becomes the leader of the pack. Zhuk, a taciturn kickboxer who grew up with his grandma, is the muscle of the gang. Gosha, the youngest of them all, is a shy son of a despotic military man who wants his son to follow a strict army regimen. And Tsypa is a no-holds-barred troublemaker from a dysfunctional family who is always ready to pick a fight. Trying to prove to themselves that they are worth something, the guys form a gang and get involved in a criminal business, transporting stolen goods for the mafia. At first it all looks like a lot of fun as their life becomes a thrilling, although dangerous, adventure. Then things start getting more and more complicated. In the process of discovering themselves, they fall in love, fight with each other, come up with their own code of honor, and find out what life is really all about. The TV series becomes a story of the anti-heroes of nowadays who are nevertheless absolutely impossible not to feel for.

The uniqueness of Law of the Concrete Jungle lies in merging different genres and mixing the grim Moscow reality with the aesthetics of a comic book. It veers from a black comedy to a coming-of-age film, which turns into a parody on gangster movies. The realistic narration intertwines with the fantasies of the main characters providing the viewer with an amazing insight into their inner world. In the course of the TV series things even get surreal, with the main gangster showing up with a Thompson submachine gun and the police detectives looking exactly like their American counterparts from the 80’s movies.